Linocut Camper

My latest linocut project, this cute little camper, popped into my head one morning. I wanted my next project to be a simple study allowing me to explore and grow my skills. I set to getting some references together and started sketching. The camper came together quickly. I wanted to make a digital version for another project, so I recreated it in Adobe Illustrator and gave it color. I then created the black and white image for transferring to my 8×10 lino block.

It was at this point my project went became a learning experience.

First I forgot I had already flipped the image for transfer and proceeded to flip it again. I struggled some with the transfer, but I was thinking ahead to the carving and how I would execute a few of the more tricky spots. Once transferred, I went over the transfer lines with a Sharpie and let that set over night.

The next day I started carving. I was delighted to find the linoleum very soft and made quick work of defining the negative space. I was still undecided on how to do the tire and the curtains and stopped for the day, giving me time to ponder.

The following day, with fresh eyes I realized my camper was facing the wrong way. I decided this made for a great learning experiment, freeing me to try a couple of different ideas. I’m not happy with the tire or the curtains but next time will be different.

I wanted to see my linocut camper through to the end and got everything ready for making a print. For my printers proof, I used the last of my tube of Speedball black ink. I made four prints on some paper I use for proofing. While I wish I had paid more attention to what I was doing while transferring the image, I feel good about the project.

Linocut camper

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