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Wedding Stationery Colors

We’re excited to announce our wedding stationery colors. We’ve been working on this for quite a few weeks. Lots of back and forth about which popular colors to include or how many traditional ones to keep. In the end we added a dozen new colors to our offerings and retired a couple. We hope you’ll find them useful.

Please note, we’re happy to make our invitations in any colors you would like. We know sometimes a guide is a great place to start.

Catch Me Studio Wedding Colors for Invitation Suites

If you would like to download a PDF reference of this image, you can do so here.

Happy May


Here in the Seattle area it’s been beautiful. It’s funny how last year we didn’t 70 degree days until nearly the middle of July last year and so far in May it’s been in the low 70’s for the past couple of days. In case you’re wondering (and never seen Seattle in the Spring) it’s amazing here. So today, I’m headed out with the camera and a cup of my favorite coffee to see what I can get for inspiration. I have more free time now my other projects complete and I need to change my focus back to this.

So in honor of that. New business cards! Not that we really had them before. We made do with something else and that something else was just until I could get our identity created. That was a goal for this year. Yea team! On to other stuff on the list (a list that’s long and frankly daunting).


Catch Me Studio business cards

Wedding Invites

We have started production of our wedding stationary sets and we couldn’t be any more excited. Our first two offerings include a simple and very elegant black and white set. Our second offering is a chalk board inspired set.


Elegant Wedding Stationary Chelton Wedding Stationary


After much research and planning, we’re ready to start the next phase of our growth. Monica and I are pleased to announce our print colors for the 2013 wedding season. Of course we’re happy to have you have send us you custom colors.

Print Colors 2013


Just a taste of what we’re working on…

PC0002 PC00022 PC00023