Your Next BBQ Invitation

Your next BBQ Invitation

This is your next BBQ invitation!

No really. This BBQ invitation has your name all over it. We wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true.

Our latest BBQ Invitation continues our tradition of offering great looking designs for your next event. Be the envy of the block and order yours today from our shop.

This asset is an all digital 5” x 7” printable single sided invitation. It’s formatted to print two invites per standard 8.5” x 11” paper either at home or a print shop. We recommend a good cardstock, like the Neenah Astrobright in white. If you would like more information about this or any of our other products, you can reach us on our contact us page or on our Facebook page.

Your next BBQ Invitation


Linocut Camper

My latest linocut project, this cute little camper, popped into my head one morning. I wanted my next project to be a simple study allowing me to explore and grow my skills. I set to getting some references together and started sketching. The camper came together quickly. I wanted to make a digital version for another project, so I recreated it in Adobe Illustrator and gave it color. I then created the black and white image for transferring to my 8×10 lino block.

It was at this point my project went became a learning experience.

First I forgot I had already flipped the image for transfer and proceeded to flip it again. I struggled some with the transfer, but I was thinking ahead to the carving and how I would execute a few of the more tricky spots. Once transferred, I went over the transfer lines with a Sharpie and let that set over night.

The next day I started carving. I was delighted to find the linoleum very soft and made quick work of defining the negative space. I was still undecided on how to do the tire and the curtains and stopped for the day, giving me time to ponder.

The following day, with fresh eyes I realized my camper was facing the wrong way. I decided this made for a great learning experiment, freeing me to try a couple of different ideas. I’m not happy with the tire or the curtains but next time will be different.

I wanted to see my linocut camper through to the end and got everything ready for making a print. For my printers proof, I used the last of my tube of Speedball black ink. I made four prints on some paper I use for proofing. While I wish I had paid more attention to what I was doing while transferring the image, I feel good about the project.

Linocut camper

Bunny Baby Shower Invite

Bunny Baby Shower Collection

Bunny Baby Shower Collection

The Bunny Baby Shower Collection has arrived!

With great fanfare, we are proud to announce the bunny baby shower collection has come to our Etsy store. This project, a heartfelt, hand painted bunny rabbit and greenery has been a dream our ours for the past few months. We’re so happy to be able to share it with you.

Our bunny started out as the artwork for our daughter’s second baby shower. We wanted to bring something classic to her shower invite, so I sketched out a few poses and concepts. We settled on the one you see here. After that, it was time to break out the watercolors and get to work. She came together on a cloudy afternoon filled with storms in May and since then, has warmed our studio and our hearts.

Right now, the bunny baby shower collection has the invitation and two inserts, a diaper raffle and bring a book. Soon, the set will grow to include a thank you card. We’re exploring printable bunting and other decor pieces. Check back with us soon.

If you would like more information on this or any other invitations or inserts we have in our store, you can convo us or use our contact information found here.


Linocuts: A Quick Project


Linocuts Update

This week was a busy one with a return to the linocuts project. Our new house affords us the opportunity to take on the projects we’ve been dreaming about for the past few years. Linocut prints are one of them.

Progress has been good. Right after the move I ordered set of new carving tools from Pfeil Tools, which have quickly become the best tools I’ve ever used. Before their purchase, I was using a Speedball carver set which was okay. It got the job done, though with some difficulty at the time. If you can afford to buy a good set of tools, it will make carving very enjoyable.

I have same several prints off of a flower design I threw together as a warm up, and I’m pleased with the results. Look for more linocuts updates shortly. The sketchbook is filling up with ideas, and I’m itching to get going.

I’ve decided to get started with doing some quick linocuts. Simple designs to get my brain thinking about negative and positive space, composition while focusing on technique. My strawberry linocut fits the bill. Sketched on a 2″ x 3″ unbacked linoleum, I went over the drawing with a blue Sharpie to protect the lines. It was a quick carve. I haven’t inked it up yet to see the outcome due to another project that came up sooner than expected. Hopefully, I’ll have some things to share very soon 🙂


Catch Me Stuido

Morning Coffee


Late nights and early mornings have created the need for a stronger morning coffee.