Watercolor Whale Baby Shower Invitations

Watercolor Whale Baby Shower Invitations

Watercolor whale baby shower invitations and inserts are here!

With great fanfare, we are introducing our latest watercolor whale baby shower invitations to our Etsy store. Hand-painted whales with soft botanical elements are the perfect addition to any baby shower.

Our printable invitation is a standard invitation size is 5” x 7” and formatted as a PDF that prints two invitations per page. If you’re looking for coordinating diaper raffle or bring a book card, we offer those as well.

We’re on a mission this year to bring more fun and creativity to our offerings. We’re tickled pink with how these turned out. In case you’re wondering, I use Sennelier French Watercolors as well as Daniel Smith Fine Watercolors on Arches Aquarelle Watercolor Block 140lb cold press paper. I’ve used Daniel Smith Watercolors for many years. They have exceptional pigments and an amazing selection of unique colors not found with other manufacturers. Recently I added a full set of Senneliers to my collection and fell in love with them as well. If you have the money, I highly recommend either brands.

Kraft Paper Baby Shower Games

Kraft Paper Baby Shower Games

Kraft Paper Baby Shower Games Package

This printable kraft paper baby shower games package is perfect if you want to have a variety of activities at your baby shower. There are seven different games included. You can use them all or just a few – either way, our package deal will save you money!

Games Included:

1 – Baby Shower Bingo is an easy and fun game to have at a baby shower. Hand the cards out and as the gifts are opened the guests check off corresponding squares until someone gets five in a row. This listing includes a pre-filled bingo card with common baby shower gifts and a blank card, idea for guests to fill in their guesses.

2 – Our Baby Shower Price is Right game lists ten baby essentials, and the guests try to guess what the cost of each item was. This game is best played with a visual of all the items – you can gather all the supplies in a gift basket that would make a perfect gift for the mommy to be! Make sure to keep your receipt while shopping so that you have the answer key for this game.

3 – Our Baby Shower Word Scramble game cards have 15 words scrambled – all the words are associated with babies. You can have the guests casually play this game, or you can make it a competition by giving the guests a certain amount of time to complete the game and give a prize to whoever gets the most right. An answer key is also included.

4 – The Baby Animals Name game is great to have at any baby shower. Our cards have a list of 20 animals and lines for the guests to write on. Have your guests guess what the animals’ babies are called. An answer key is included.

5 – The What’s in Your Purse Game is a popular shower game. The guests will check off the items that they have in their bags/purses and whoever has the most points tallied wins.

6 – Test who knows the mommy-to-be best with our “How Well Do You Know the Mommy to Be” game. Guests will fill in the blanks to answer some basic questions about the new mom. Whoever gets the most correct wins! Bonus questions count as double!

Answer keys are included for word scramble game and the baby animals game.

This is an exciting new addition to our Etsy store. If you would like to see this or any other of our entertaining baby shower games, come visit our marketplace.

Catch Me Stuido

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2018!

Happy New Year everyone! As 2018 opens, we here at Catch Me Studio would like to wish everyone the best.

As we do every year, we take the first few weeks of January to step back from our business and evaluate what did and didn’t work. Last year had a few significant changes in our Etsy store that took us outside our comfort level. Some of the changes were positive, resulting in personal growth. One event put us in a tailspin, forcing us to consider shuddering our business for good. It was scary for most of December, but in the end, we decided to take a chance.

2018 opens with the choice to become a full-time freelance designer. Between devoting my time to a growing list of clients and an online business, I have decided to go in a direction that grows my interests. It’s opened up more time for pursuing creative avenues I’ve been pushing to the back for quite some time. So far, it’s worked but not without some hand-wringing.

As a result, Catch Me Studio is growing, bringing new content and a fresh look. Already this month, two new product lines have launched, bringing over thirty new items. Every week, exciting new things will find their way to our Etsy store. You should check them out.

As part of this new direction, we’re focusing on our brand, cleaning up our products and bringing fresh new items to both our website and store. We’re also growing into new markets (look for that news later this year).

So welcome to the New Year. We’re excited to show you the things were working on.

Your Next BBQ Invitation

Your next BBQ Invitation

This is your next BBQ invitation!

No really. This BBQ invitation has your name all over it. We wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true.

Our latest BBQ Invitation continues our tradition of offering great looking designs for your next event. Be the envy of the block and order yours today from our shop.

This asset is an all digital 5” x 7” printable single sided invitation. It’s formatted to print two invites per standard 8.5” x 11” paper either at home or a print shop. We recommend a good cardstock, like the Neenah Astrobright in white. If you would like more information about this or any of our other products, you can reach us on our contact us page or on our Facebook page.

Your next BBQ Invitation


Linocut Camper

My latest linocut project, this cute little camper, popped into my head one morning. I wanted my next project to be a simple study allowing me to explore and grow my skills. I set to getting some references together and started sketching. The camper came together quickly. I wanted to make a digital version for another project, so I recreated it in Adobe Illustrator and gave it color. I then created the black and white image for transferring to my 8×10 lino block.

It was at this point my project went became a learning experience.

First I forgot I had already flipped the image for transfer and proceeded to flip it again. I struggled some with the transfer, but I was thinking ahead to the carving and how I would execute a few of the more tricky spots. Once transferred, I went over the transfer lines with a Sharpie and let that set over night.

The next day I started carving. I was delighted to find the linoleum very soft and made quick work of defining the negative space. I was still undecided on how to do the tire and the curtains and stopped for the day, giving me time to ponder.

The following day, with fresh eyes I realized my camper was facing the wrong way. I decided this made for a great learning experiment, freeing me to try a couple of different ideas. I’m not happy with the tire or the curtains but next time will be different.

I wanted to see my linocut camper through to the end and got everything ready for making a print. For my printers proof, I used the last of my tube of Speedball black ink. I made four prints on some paper I use for proofing. While I wish I had paid more attention to what I was doing while transferring the image, I feel good about the project.

Linocut camper